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Review: BackFlip Kickstand iPhone Case
Greg Kumparak, Editor – MobileCrunch

“To put it simply, I didn’t know that I needed the Backflip case until I had one. The idea of a case with a built-in kickstand seemed worthwhile, but I didn’t think it was something I’d find myself using often. I was dead wrong.”


“I rarely write product reviews of any sort, so when I see something and decide to write, it’s usually a great product concept that delights me. I just saw a very simple one that both delighted me with its simplicity and solved a simple problem.”


Gadgets for your iPhone…
Susan Wargin, 9News

“Every iPhone needs a Kickstand”   “Imagine watching a movie on the plane without holding the phone or having recipes face you while you cook… the possibilities are endless!”


My iPhone Case Has a Friggin’ Kickstand!
Ray Basile – iPhone Savior

“To admit that I have experienced true geekish man-love for my BackFlip case would be too embarassing.  So for now I’ll just tell everyone who asks that we’re only friends…”

“Timing is everything – I just got a new iPhone and didn’t have a cover yet…so I ordered this one and I love it. I’m propping it up on my desk and in meetings and folks are asking me where I got it. What a great idea!” – MJ, Alamo, CA

“One of the best things I’ve ever done for my iPhone” – Dave R, San Francisco

“Turns my iPhone into a mini desktop computer” – Ed V, Sydney, Australia

“I can now watch movies on the plane without having to hold the phone for the whole flight! Thank you BackFlip!” – Greg A, New Jersey

“I have been meaning to buy a case for my iPhone (‘I never put anything off!’) and now I know why I’ve been putting off getting one…I’ve been waiting for your amazing innovation! You’ve answered all the wants & needs with the perfect, ‘looks good’, functionable case!” – Jessica L, Sydney Australia

“Everyone in my office wants one, So nice to just look over at my phone to see who’s calling or texting without having to pick it up.” Julie M, California

“I took out my iPhone BackFlip to the pub last night while I was watching the game and spent more time watching the live streaming pitches and scores on the phone. Everyone who walked by wanted to know about it. iPhone, BackFlip and MLB At Bat – what a winning combination!” – Rick P, Newport Beach, California

“Traveling so much on business I now have an easy way to prop up and actually see my iPhone as I use it as my hotel alarm clock!” – Brian C, Danville, CA

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